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Simon Long

Head of Product Safety
With many years engineering experience across a range of industries I am now Head of Product Safety at Dyson, manufacturers of domestic appliances. With new technology and innovative designs, Dyson recognises that simply meeting Approvals Standards does not necessarily mean that a product is safe to use. My product safety team at Dyson looks beyond standards to see where the technology, manufacturing or consumer usage scenarios may create unsafe conditions then where necessary, to assess or test risks and remove them from the design prior to manufacture. We also monitor all global safety claims to ensure continued safety in the product lifecycle and feedback to new designs. See Linkedin for further information.
At ICPHSO I have a particular interest in: risk assessment and risk management, recall effectiveness, lithium ion battery safety, market surveillance and how manufacturers can work with the requirements of multiple regulators for global products.
I look forward to meeting everyone involved in the symposium.
Monday, November 12

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Tuesday, November 13

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