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Josep Tous

Observatorio del Consumo
Josep Tous  has nearly 20 years’ experience as a  senior expert in the consumer product safety field. Relevant expertise includes a large number of countries’ legal framework where he works with and assists companies in the strategy and task of global regulatory reporting and negotiating recall measures (voluntary notifications and progress reports). Tous carries out consumer product risk assessments (Individual risk and social risk).  Josep Tous is the  owner of the Consumer Product Risk Assessment Software (COPRAS) which assists companies in their consumer product risk assessments.

Tous is the former General Director of the Consumer Protection Directorate for the government of Catalonia (1999-2004).  He is an Expert Assessor for the United Nations in  the product safety MENA Project (2016-2018).  He is also an Expert Assessor for the Organization of American States (OAS) in product safety and the consumer safety and health network project (2008-2014). Mr. Tous uses his product safety expertise in working with authorities in legal framework and market surveillance in Latin-American countries, Mongolia, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others in drafting product safety legal framework, implementing market surveillance and carrying out risk assessments.  

Josep is a member and advisor in product safety for NGOs and consumer organizations.  He was formerly responsible for developing and implementing the PIPAD Project, based in collecting and analyzing consumer product  injury and death data from emergency departments in 10 hospitals in Spain.  With that data, product safety analyses was done on individual and classes of consumer products, so that information, education, training and regulatory efforts could be undertaken, as appropriate,  to reduce risk and injuries from consumer products in Spain and globally.